Radar warning sign

Device for informing road users to increase attention.


Radar warning sign is intended for marking the location where road users need to increase precaution. It detects oncoming vehicles and informs the driver to increase precaution.

Radar warning sign works by detecting oncoming vehicles on distance more than 50 meters and activating left and right LED warning lights. The device is visible from more than 150 meters.

This LED radar warning sign has its own solar power supply and its designed so that it can work 24 hours a day – uninterrupted, regardless of weather condition. The built-in light sensor adjusts the brightness of the LED’s light, according to weather conditions.


Radar warning sign is a product of company Tisak Da-Da. Engineered, designed and manufactured in Croatia by the highest production standards

Dimension: 620 x 200 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Color: Black; Grey
Material: Aluminum
Enviroment: -40 do +75ºC, IP65
LED: 5 mm Super Bright LED, Yellow
Solar panel: 50W, 12V
Battery: Lead-Acid 12V, 18Ah
Visibility: > 150 meters

Aluminium frame

Radar warning sign is made entirely out of aluminum which gives it strength and resistance to different weather conditions.


Solar power

The solar panel charges the lead-acid battery, during which the radar warning sign becomes a completely independent product in terms of power.


LED lights + fresnel led lens

Radar warning sign is visible over 150 meters thanks to high-quality LED lights and polycarbonate LED lenses.



It is engineered so that it can work 24 hours a day – uninterrupted, regardless of weather conditions.


Doppler radar

Detection of oncoming vehicles with activation of warning flashing lights.

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